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TERA, the new MMO from Bluehole Studio, is supposedly going to change the face of MMO gaming. Kevin of took a lot of time with this new title (seriously, a lot) in order to try and deliver a proper review on this massive undertaking. He notes that "TERA’s future looks bright" in the market as is.

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Kamikaze1352167d ago

Good score. My only problem with this game is the design choice and the monotonous questing; everything else in the game is pretty amazing and this is the only MMO to hold my interest for so long.

MasterMasar2164d ago

I have the same problem. I can play MMOs like crazy for a while...but then it kills me. It just gets so repetitive and boring.

Morpheuzpr2167d ago

Not a fan of having to pay for the game and paying to play it on top of that. If it had some kind of offline mode where i can enjoy the game i PAYED for and then having the option of taking it online for a fee that would be better.

Kinger89382167d ago

I see what ur saying, but its an mmo so its to be expected tbh

TheGameFoxJTV2167d ago

I don't think you understand what a MMO is.