Interview with JAM LIve Music Arcade dev Zivix

Music gamers are now able to jam out on the just-released JAM Live Music Arcade, a music game for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network developed by Minneapolis-based gaming/tech company Zivix. What sets JLMA apart from other music games is that it lets you remix songs by letting you play and control the guitar, drums, vocals, synth, FX, and a bunch of other musical instruments.

Prior to the the game's launch, Gamerai interviewed Zivix's vice president Chad Koehler via e-mail to find out more about JLMA and its remix feature. Koehler also shares his thoughts about the current state of the video game music genre and what can be done to help improve it. But, most importantly, above all else:

Will JLMA make you summon a nightmarish monster from the dark depths of the abyss? Wait, what? Don't worry, it'll all make sense in the interview!

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