Activision, Infinity Ward, and Project Icebreaker

A recent filing in the upcoming legal case alleges an ongoing investigation for "dirt" on Infinity Ward leadership just prior to Modern Warfare 2's launch.



states that Yesterday the two publishers settled out of court. The settlement fees and details were not disclosed.

Zampella and West’s lawsuit is still set to go to trial. The court will open May 29th.

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phello2255d ago

Ha so Activision are evil after all

GraveLord2255d ago

Not so much, did you not read the article? Long story short, they are protecting their IP and business.

They were accessing their employees work emails and computers, which is completely legal. As it states in the article, no personal computer or phones were accessed by Activision.

The real story here is how Vince and Zampella's PR team is trying to spin this into their favor by spreading this to the media saying "Actvision spying on their employees".

Lucky for them, people like you will never read an entire article to get the whole story.

The whole reason for "Project Icebreaker" was because if you remember correctly, Vince and Zampella were acting like douches, wanting control of the Modern Warfare IP and Activision suspected they were in talks with other publishers to create their own forward a bit and it looks like they were right. Not so much of a shocker, they created Respawn Entertainment in partnership with EA.

Hufandpuf2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

"According to documents obtained by The Los Angeles Times and released today, Activision hired a man named Thomas Fenady to "dig up dirt" on Call of Duty creators Jason West and Vince Zampella so the company could build up a case to fire them."

"Fenady testified that he expressed concern about the project but was told, "Don't worry about the repercussions." Fenady found an outside company, InGuardians, who also balked at the task because of "legal hurdles." Stymied, Fenady approached the company's Facilities Department and talked about staging a "fake fumigation" and a "mock fire drill" in order to get West and Zampella away from their computers long enough to copy files on their computers."

Seems underhanded to me.

WeskerChildReborned2255d ago

You protect anything that has to do with COD lol.

phello2255d ago

Your having a laugh. Of course I read it since I was the one who posted it and how could you condone asking third parties like Microsoft to break someones security to get their private info. Hell even Microsoft was not going to touch that one.

Ken222255d ago

Damn this is getting good might as well make it into a novela xD.

venom062255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

it IS pretty damn underhanded... if so "legal" like one of the sheeple has commented, then why would Activision go through all the trouble of hiring someone to sneak around and do it??? why not, monitor it themselves?? the fact of the matter is, IW is a totally seperate company from Activision and stealing internal IW documentation is COMPLETELY illegal... that's why the fallguy that they wanted to do this was EXTREMELY worried about the reprecussions. Activision is going to get destroyed over this one... good riddence..

SKUD2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Good read. Its not uncommon for companies to get rid of certain employees but it in this case the manner in which activision proceeded will only work against them. If more information of this comes to light activision will have to cut its losses and settle. Too many third parties are involved. Even MS doesn't need this grief. Lol.

Gamer-Z2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

Activision wanted complete control over COD, and West & Zampella were standing in the way so Activision got rid of them. Sucks because they made COD what it is today, I still think COD4 is the best one of them all.

Ken222255d ago

Hmm i wonder if they could get the rights to COD if they won this case??If so that would be awesome.

phello2255d ago

Now that would be a game changer

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