Pokemon Black and White 2 North American Release Date Listed By Retailer

Pokemon Black and White 2 both have a vague release date of ‘Fall 2012′ set by Nintendo, but has posted a release date for the game that makes sense.

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Ken222072d ago

Just give me the damn game already :D.

TrendyGamers2072d ago

It's a great video. Do you know if anyone has put subtitles on it yet?

ABizzel12070d ago

Here's the subtitles, and if the anime was more like this, Pokemon would be even bigger than it is now.

TrendyGamers2072d ago

Damn. Well hopefully someone does it soon.

Titanz2072d ago

The DSi XL just had a pricecut, so it seems like Nintendo wants their yearly christmas bonuses. :P

BringingTheThunder2072d ago

the game will sell a million copies in like 3 days, they'll get their bonus early

mobiusoneac42071d ago

Sounds close but most big Nintendo releases are on Sundays.