Diablo III: The First 24 Hours – A Gamer’s Perspective Part 1

Spoiler Alert: Critical plots points of Diablo III will be discussed in this articles.

On May 15th at 12:01 A.M PST the battle for Sanctuary began. Unfortunately, only about 5 people showed up.

Yes, as expected by many the Diablo III launch did not go quite as smoothly as initially planned, at least not here in the Americas. The myriad of obscenities and threats that were hurled in the direction of Blizzard employees by anxious fans who yearned to powerlevel through the vanilla difficulty levels was simply overwheming, and the phrase “Error 37″ became more formidable a foe than The Lord of Terror himself. But when most of us finally did manage to get on we were treated to an awesome, yes mostly familiar, rollicking good time. Over 24 hours has now passed since the launch, if not 24 hours of server up time, and this gamer feels the need to sit back and reflect upon one of the most notable days in recent PC gaming history.

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