Street Fighter x Tekken Version 1.04 Introduces Game Breaking Bug

Although the latest patch for Street Fighter x Tekken fixes some glitches and bugs, it looks like it introduces a new one as well. Last night, EG|Ricky Ortiz noticed that the game would crash whenever Rolento’s knife makes contact with a fireball. SRK confirm that this happens on both consoles after being updated to version 1.04.

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FlashXIII2131d ago

Lol sounds like an awesome way to ensure you don't lose. Crapcom fail again.

kagon012131d ago

That's how Capcom delivers...

Kratoscar20082131d ago

By this time you should know what espect from Cashcom.

Cryptcuzz2131d ago

Lol Based on the article, don't you guys mean crashcom?