I Just Saw The Last of Us in Action, and It Looks Amazing - Kotaku

"Well, first, of all, beautiful. The post-apocalypse in Naughty Dog's game is a gorgeous wreck, a city drained of electricity and overgrown with foliage."

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And to think trolls used to be so smart and now they just babble what ever pops up in their heads.

Anyway back on topic. This is looking like it's going to be an interesting survival game and we haven't even gotten to the monsters yet.I want to see the difference between out witting the people and outwitting the monsters. It makes it even better that Ellie and Joel aren't trained fighters or anything. This will make it just as good as any Silent Hill or Resident Evil game . If they get the survival horror, fight for your life, desperation thing right, I am sold.

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Im interested in if we can "explore" the city in this game. No one ussually wants to look at a train wreck, unless its a gorgeous train wreck like this lol :). Love the overgrown environment!

"She's impressed with his fighting prowess. He says it's because he's been on both sides of these kinds of survival ambushes".

BAM!!!! The game hasnt even been truly "shown" and we already have a potential backstory for a character!

Nimblest-Assassin2230d ago

They said the game will be a "wide-linear" its more open than Uncharted, but not to the extent of an open world game... the best example I could think of is Bioshock...

Hell The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite two games I am excited for, have some awesome similarities

1) The main character in both is voiced by Troy Baker
2) The main character is tasked of excorting a girl out of the main setting
3) They do not know each other, but soon form a bond throughout the game

I love that idea, and thats why these 2 are my most hyped for games of 2013... bioshock used to be for this year :(

But I guess, they get more time to create something incredible

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i am not a fanboy but man am i happy for ps3 owners lol, ND should be a 3rd party developer their games are master pieces and everyone deserves a chance to play them

i have never watched a trailer and said i want this game in 22 years of gaming , but after watching the trailer that was just released my JAW dropped and i was yelling at my computer to show me more lol

special edition,limited edition collectors edition whichever they announce i will get

ND just take my money

also BTW



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If they buy a PS3 the people will get a chance to play their games.

asmith23062229d ago

Everyone does have a chance to play their games, it's called a PS3!

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Nope, ND believes in making real games, rather than apps (Microsoft) or gimmicky motion controls (Nintendo). Plus ND is loyal as hell. Where would they be today if Sony didn't believe in them and support them 100% during the last 14-15 years? So, Sony is the place to be. Without Sony right now, the game industry would quickly be heading down the tubes. Facebook games and I-pod games crap would over-saturate the market, and people would not need consoles since MS is more interested in social apps, and Nintendo is only interested in pleasing casuals and soccer moms with their lame controllers. Sony will be the ONLY safe haven for REAL game developers, and real hardcore gamer's. Fact (At least until Nintendo wakes up and makes a console that gamer's actually give a crap about).

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Will there be monsters? R we even sure of that yet? Maybe i need to research it more.

fragnificent2229d ago

I thought ND said, when it was first announced that it wasn't a survival Horror, more Survival adventure?,Just wondering. i cant remember lol

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Titanz2230d ago

I can only imagine the type of experiences, future consoles will bring.

LOL_WUT2230d ago

I cant wait to see what they saw hopefully it gets shown at E3.

BrutallyBlunt2230d ago

There will be footage at E3 and i expect it to look amazing. I love games that can deliver great tension. The original Dead Space comes to mind. We need more games like this and less sequels.

inveni02230d ago

Less sequels? Without sequels, we would have no Uncharted 2 and 3, inFamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Portal 2, etc, etc, etc.

I love new IPs, and that's why I like when they get sequels.

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I want a Demo @ E3 ala U2 back in 09 totally blown away by the awesomeness of the game in a giant screen, can't get better than that

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