Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

DualShock Nexus: As we enter the middle of May I have come to the realization that time is running out for one of my favorite video games this generation.

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NastyLeftHook02257d ago

one of IF NOT the best game this generation;.

JoySticksFTW2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

I've said it before, Demon's Souls is the game that made me keep Uncharted 2 in the wrapper for weeks even though I bought U2 day one.

DS was too much fun to stop playing. And Uncharted is my favorite new IP this generation.

Dark Souls is good, but it wouldn't stop me from playing Uncharted 2 for a few weeks.

I'll miss it DS :(

Had to add... Was anyone else afraid to play this game at first?

That crushing difficulty hype sure scared me before it released. I really had second thoughts about my preorder for the game. LOL

But fans that imported the Asian version of the game, assured us newer fans that as long as we weren't reckless we'd be ok.

Regent_of_the_Mask2257d ago

I guess that's why Sony registered Forsaken Souls since it will be the Demon's Souls sequel (one that plays similar unlike that dark souls garbage).

FinaLXiii2257d ago

Metal Gear Online will shut its servers next month too...