inXile's Director of Technology explains why Unity Engine was selected for Wasteland 2

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of days ago, we informed you about inXile’s plans to use the Unity Engine on their upcoming sequel to the classic ‘Wasteland’ game. A lot of PC gamers got upset with that decision and that’s why inXile decided to post a new update at their Kickstarter page, in which they explain why they’ve chosen the Unity Engine."

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NYC_Gamer2071d ago

I wanna see some screens of the game on Unity....

vortis2071d ago

I can't believe there were people who wanted this game running on UE3/CE3?

All of inXile's money would have gone into licensing/optimizing, which would have been an absolute waste of the KickStarter funds. Big, AAA engines have their place but I'm way more excited to see a game made by gamers for gamers running on software designed to make pure-bred games.