Capcom Says They Will Fix Street Fighter X Tekken On PC Eventually

Gaming Blend "Many gamers thought that the delay of the PC version would mean that it would also receive the patches to fix the netcode, infinite combos and bugs, but that was not the case. Conveniently enough, Capcom made sure that the top priority was to remove the game's disc-locked content first and foremost."

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zeal0us2075d ago

Eventually mean whenever they feel like it

vortis2075d ago

Dude, they're too busy counting the potential dollar revenue from the disc-locked content they have planned. They don't have time to fix crap.

WeskerChildReborned2075d ago

Capcom and their dispicable ways....

DragonKnight2075d ago

Looks like Capcom is trying to give EA a run for their title of worst company.

Tony-Red-Grave2075d ago

activision is waiting for the runner up to all time worst.

kagon012075d ago

This reminds me of Skyrm when it was released...

blackblades2075d ago

Capcom got alot of hate on them, the square enix, and activsion.

vortis2075d ago

You forgot EA...

or did you assume we automatically crowned them the king of trolls?

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