Ghost Squad advert has PS3 shooter in its sights

Nintendo WiiFanboy Writes:
"Ghost Squad, as we've already seen, is not afraid of being different. It's also not afraid of standing up for itself and picking on bigger games, when the need arises; games such as the PlayStation 3's Resistance: Fall of Man. The print advert above, for example, has been seen in various German magazines in recent weeks. And if we were being completely honest, we'd totally buy Resistance: Fall of Mandy".

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wiizy3623d ago

why ps3.. whats good about that system?

mighty_douche3623d ago

everything! well when compared to a 360.

C_SoL3623d ago

is that the best u can do??? come on, i'll give u one more try.....

darkside3623d ago

you just got Beowned!!!!

name3623d ago

I think we've finally found a name for Resistance 2 everyone.

titntin3623d ago

Hehe! What a grin:) Shame the game will be rubbish...