38 Studios requests additional funds from Rhode Island after defaulting on loan

XMNR: The on-going saga with the game studio of ex-Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling continued on Wednesday as an emergency meeting was held with Rhode Island state officials. After missing a $1.125 million annual payment on a $75 million loan, Schilling is reported to have requested additional assistance for 38 Studios from the state's Economic Development Corporation and Governor Lincoln Chafee (I).

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phantomexe2255d ago

I hope they get this worked out. KOAR was a great game. i really hope this isn't the last will see of it. I thought the game was doing good sells wise at least that what the net was saying.

ATi_Elite2255d ago

I'm sure Curt Schilling can pull that amount outta his wallet!!

Not a bad game, actually a pretty good game with only 1.12m units sold across 3 platforms but a lot of effort was put into this title.

Kingdoms is not your average $12m dollar game looking to make a quick $30m profit! They most likely need over 2.5m in sales to make some profit.

Drazz2255d ago

I thought the game was "Tepid"