Minecraft Is The Third Most Played Xbox Live Title

Minecraft was the third most played game on Xbox Live the past week. To put that into perspective, it’s the most played non-CoD game online. More people played Minecraft than Halo, Gears of War and Skyrim. Insane.

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Captain Qwark 91981d ago

all ive been playing. excellent game

EVILDEAD3601981d ago

Definately an Xbox Live phenomenon..

Was at a friends house and watched them play for an hour..can't wait to get a chance to download this.


Craftiii41981d ago

Still don't think its worth it, when they update the game to the current version then I might buy it.

Captain Qwark 91981d ago

Even if its not as up to date there is still so much to do and its still bigger than most retail releases. its completely worth it.

plus i got mine for 15 becuase best buy had the codes 5 bones off the day it launched.

360GamerFG1981d ago ShowReplies(1)
marioPSUC1981d ago

That's insane to see that it not only topped the XBLA games but it even made it to right under COD and above games like FIFA and BF3. At $20 its one of more expensive XBLA games but it looks like it did pretty damn well.

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