Respawn Entertainment's big reveal won't be at E3

It appears that Respawn will not be revealing their brand new game at E3.

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KILLERAPP2106d ago

The thing is will it be a current gen or a next gen game...

xtremexx2106d ago

your right, im kinda hoping it will be next gen

MostJadedGamer2106d ago

It will be current gen because NO PS4, or 720 games are going to be shown this year.

DeadlyFire2106d ago

I am expecting 2013/2014 release so I say next gen.

I wouldn't say that no PS4/720 games will be at E3 this year. Gameplay I do not expect to see, but I wouldn't count out CGI teaser or two for next gen titles.

dangert122106d ago

games going to be whack....i can feel it.

AngelicIceDiamond2106d ago

They need to hurry up and unveil this game soon, and if it is next gen why are they teasing it now knowing they're not gonna show it off soon? If there not showing it off at E3 then when? Im slowly losing interest in this game.

GraveLord2106d ago

Who is Respawn Entertainment?

That is what the general public will say.
Their game will flop since it's not Call of Duty.

It would have to be an extremely good shooter for it to ever take off. Which his unlikely considering how stale the market is right now.

gtxgamer22106d ago

I'd love to see the magic ball your looking into. WAIT, BART CANT TELL THE FUTURE....DOOH!

DeadlyFire2106d ago

They invented Call of Duty. Evidence of that will present itself when they do show off their game. They know what works.

RugbyGod2106d ago

While I understand they need to take their time, throwing the general gaming population a bone doesn't hurt either. They made the same statements at last E3 which was to be expected, but showing nothing at this one......yawn..... I'm starting not to care.

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