PS2 HD Collections we NEED to see (Part 3)

In the third and final part in our HD Collections feature, looks potential offerings from Square Enix.

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Snookies122135d ago

Kindgom Hearts is all I need, give me that with at LEAST KH1, KH:ReCoM, KH2, and KH BBS. It would be great to see Days, but I doubt that would be included. Also, they ALL have to be Final Mixes, it's serious crap we didn't get those versions. Only way I was able to play them was with an emulator.

Also, if they had a Vita version of it like MGS HD, I would totally lose my shit lol...

Outside_ofthe_Box2135d ago

Those are essential. Dream Drop Distance HAS to be in it as well.

Snookies122135d ago

Yeah, I know DDD is a major piece of the puzzle as well, the only problem with that is the fact that it's a Nintendo game. Plus it has yet to even come out yet in America, which is why I don't think they'd be adding that in there unfortunately.

Outside_ofthe_Box2135d ago

Chain of Memories was a Nintendo game. So there is hope.

Snookies122135d ago

Yes indeed, Chain of Memories was a Nintendo game. That's why I put Re:Chain of Memories since it was the PS2 remake. :p

Outside_ofthe_Box2134d ago

That's my point. Chain of memories was a Nintendo game, but it still came on the PS2 (as a remake) which is a Sony console. So there is still hope that 3D can be remade or come on a Sony console as well. =P

NastyLeftHook02135d ago

1. max payne.

gta collection

soul reaver hd collection

blood omen hd collection

manhunt hd collection

drakan the ancient gates hd

shadowman collection

and a final fantasy collection.

Blastoise2135d ago

Not a collection, but I'd love to see Okami in HD

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