Modern Warfare 3 Free Face Off Maps, Erosion and Aground, Now Live On Xbox 360

MP1st - With a download size of 157.53, two brand new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 maps, Erosion and Aground are now live on both the Xbox Live Marketplace for absolutely free.

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sandman2242200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I'll wait for the ps3 version. Mainly due to the fact that the analog sticks are 100% more accurate than the Xbox 360's analog sticks. Also I can't stand the battery pack on the 360 controller. It's uncomfortable. Activision should be sued by Sony for porting call of duty as well as giving ps3 a lower resolution. Lazy ps3 hating company.

antbolton892200d ago

Thats not going to go down well

ZeroX98762200d ago

extreme fanboy alert!!

instead of bashing the other consoles, why not just say : can't wait for getting those maps on My PS3!

Your console is great, but you can't say the other one suck just because the gamepad doesn't fit YOUR taste.

I'm particularly not fond of microsoft exclusive, but it doesn't change the fact they're great games, just not my type.

sandman2242200d ago

Nope, I'm not a fanboy buddy. I own and play both consoles (360,ps3) I also own mw3 on both. I am an elite member on the 360 only. I just wanted to vent. Im just upset with activision. Mainly because of the piss poor job time and effort they put into the ps3 build. It's not like they can't afford to get it running as good as 360's build. I think it's all political. Also to sIren30 I thought of going wired because of the battery pack but I'm a snob and don't want to pay Microsoft any money for out dated accessories. I'll wait till the 720 comes out. I'm sure they'll do away with it.

Siren302200d ago

I'll take the 360 controller over the ps3 anyday. I also have a wired controller which takes care of the batter pack problem