Sony can't get the experience right

Sony's got the console and it's got the games, but some critical missteps keep it from being the smooth operator it truly deserves to be.

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SybaRat2202d ago

Mandatory installs suck. Fact.

nolifeking2202d ago

I guess if you forgot how to use the input button on the remote, they would.

arbitor3652202d ago

definitely not a fanboy article at all.....

smashcrashbash2202d ago

Sorry but I guess I am just more patient then everyone else. I don't really see it being that big a problem. I just go and do something else while the game installs or if I have to download a patch. The game isn't going anywhere and neither am I. People always talk as if it is the most frustrating thing in the world but it really isn't that bad at all. A little patience is all that is needed. But what am I talking about in a gen that can't even stand being off Facebook for a day if it breaks down much less thirty minutes not playing a game.

TheRealHeisenberg2202d ago

I know what you mean. Some people complain because a web page takes more than 20 seconds to load.

fear882201d ago

PC gamers have dealt with this for years. Our equipment has been leagues better for more than a decade and yet this is not a problem for us because of the inherit benefits. People need to stop complaining about this.

Pintheshadows2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

"And once I've got that hatred in my heart, it doesn't switch off just because the installs finish."

"I should enjoy a game like Starhawk despite its flaws, but I guarantee all those flaws annoyed me more because of the hoops Starhawk made me jump through just to get in the door."

Then you need to grow up a significant amount. Just go do something else while the game installs. I thought we were over this mandatory install BS. I'm betting the author has never played on PC.

This whole article seems like a veiled excuse to criticise a PS3 exclusive.

"You also didn't have to install anything to play Rage, Bioshock, or Batman: Arkham City on the 360. Jump in and start kicking ass while the Sony fans clip their toenails or something."

Or usually, I roll a ciggy, smoke it, construct a sandwich and bam! Install done. And why do these people insist on exaggerating the timescale. It takes ten minutes max.

He starts complaining about hard drive space as well. I stopped reading by that point.

Ducky2202d ago

The installs don't bother me, but one thing I have particularly disliked is the patches that you have to download afterwards.

There's just something rage-inducing about having a game install and just as you're getting ready to play, you get hit by a patch that could take up to half an hour to download/install.

I wish Sony would let users download patches for games even if they don't already own them. Meaning, let me just download all of Starhawk's patches right now so that when I do get the game, I won't have to wait for those to finish.

Or at least find a way to give the user an accurate picture of the install+patch time... so I know if I should go grab a snack, or go watch a TV show.
I'm not sure if this complaint is PS3-specific though, I'd figure the 360 has a similar problem with big Day-1 patches?

TheRealHeisenberg2202d ago

I understand how some may feel differently but mandatory installs and updates don't bother me at all. I always assume they will only make my gaing experience better. Just use that time on another activity like cleaning your house up...I know some of you need to.

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The story is too old to be commented.