RipTen Review: Starhawk (PS3)

When will Sony start promoting their first-party games? It has to be soon, right? They keep letting wonderful titles sneak out the door without more than a whisper. It’s not fair; not to them, not to great developers like Lightbox Interactive and not to gamers chomping at the bit for unique and creative game play. If you’re tired of staring down the scope of an AK-47 or struggling with the controls of a DICE-patented Helicopter Crash Simulator, Starhawk might be the experience you’ve been waiting for.

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chrisyoung04222256d ago

Awesome review! I am so pumped to play this game.

browland12256d ago

Great review, very well written. Starhawk is one of the games that I am gung ho for getting, but Max Payne 3 got in the way. Definitely plan on getting it soon.

neutralgamer192256d ago

Sorry you bought Max Payne 3 instead of Star hawk. I also bought MP3 and i played a little but went right back to UC3 and Star Hawk because they are so much better.

Imo Star Hawk mp is a solid 9 and MP3 mp is like a 6.5 with stiff controls, bland environments and graphics and cover system is just bs. MP3 mp is about a 8 but with annoying cutscenes every damn 3 minutes grrrrr

BlackjackCF2256d ago

Man. Too many good games out at once. Only so much of me can go around at one time.