Features that should be in Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most eagerly anticipated video games of this generation.

These are a few suggestions that would make the title truly revolutionary.

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NukaCola2138d ago

I want to go into buildings.

AIndoria2138d ago

Sadly, with limitations of current consoles, it might not be possible. One can dream though.

duhast2138d ago

It can be achieved on PCs!

NukaCola2137d ago

Red Dead Redemption allowed for it. I don't ask for much.

AIndoria2138d ago

Bring on the destruction, I say!

duhast2138d ago

What he said! i would totally love it if its included.

AIndoria2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

Sadly, Rockstar won't release a PC only GTA. Also, if a feature is on PC, it will be on consoles or R* won't consider it. Sorry but that's how it has always been.
(Now, before you hammer me with 60fps statements, it's explicitely my opinion :P)
Edit : Wrong comment section, but the author's the same. You get my meaning anyways.

blackhammer2138d ago

Ragdoll physics and realistic destruction, I'm really fine with that staying. I love shooting myself from a bike into a nearby wall or person.

I just want things that are taken less seriously. More humorous cannon thrown around, with activities like "Beat the Cock."

I wouldn't mind a game of golf too with some friends. That'd be amazing and funny.

duhast2138d ago

Golf is for noobs.
"Beat the Cock."???

AJ Hartley2133d ago

Was a mini mission on gta sa where the guy dressed as a cock who works at cluckin bell did a cross country race, bike, on foot ect quite entertaining if you ask me.

TheLyonKing2138d ago

Some new places like a proper theme park, athletics track with javelins, art gallery's with stuff to smash. Just the little things. Gta can't cater to everyones needs and I am sure I will enjoy it no matter what.

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