Darksiders II: Death Strikes, Part 2 - CG Trailer

Check out how the Horseman Death handles his business in this CG trailer for Darksiders II.

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Whatsupdog2137d ago

That was a cool trailer and Death looks kickass. I enjoyed the first part; hopefully the sequel will build upon all that was good in the first game.

gaffyh2136d ago

This is already my GOTY. I wish it was still coming in June :(

Captain Qwark 92136d ago

august bro, it got delayed about a week ago. but otherwise, yeah i agree, def going to be goty for me

Christopher2136d ago

If this is at least as good as the first game, I'll be happy and will buy day 1. Sad to see a good franchise like this hampered by THQ's problems.

rezzah2136d ago

Hampered in what way?

I heard that the company was having issues but I dont know the details.

Christopher2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

THQ has laid off a lot of people and had a great reduction in their budget as well as pushed this game back. Now, no one has specifically said that the game has been affected in its budget at all, but they wouldn't dare say that to see sales affected or to give the impression of an unfinished game. But, I believe, without a doubt, that the development team is eking by on very little. Their team might even be working overtime for free or whatever other deals they may have made with the staff to continue work.

Regardless, with the trouble THQ is going through, it is highly unlikely that this game wasn't affected in some way that would hamper their work.

Furthermore, the success of this game, or the first, in no way guarantee that it will continue on or that it will have any post-release support through either updates or extra content.

FuchiBOT2136d ago

The first game was an amazing experience in 3dVision, so this is a day 1 purchase for me, guaranteed. I want more games out of Vigil Games, I hope this does well for them.