Are You A Casual Gamer?

The Casual Games Association (CGA) has released its Casual Games Market Report 2007, chock full of insight into who these laid-back gamers are and what they're playing. As it turns out, the CGA believes we're all casual gamers, all 6.6 billion of us. While the stereotypical 18-35 year-old male gamer makes up what the CGA considers the "hardcore enthusiast," publishers would be thinking small to focus on this demographic that makes up less than 15 percent of the world's population.

Still not sure which gamer camp you fall into? Have a look at the CGA's handy breakdown of casual and hardcore players:

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wiizy3991d ago

im a gamer... which means i like every game

neogeo3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

My day goes like this. I get up, check n4g.

I goto work and check n4g.

I talk about games all day long.

I go to gamstop on my lunch beaks just to talk with my fellow nerds about games.

I get very upset when I here a bad PS3 comment.

I go home early on thursday's so I can start downloading PSN updates and demos.

I call in sick when games like Uncharted, ratchet and UT3 come out.

I'm known by first name in 3 game stops and always get games on the first day even if I did not reserve them just because they know I'm coming to the store.

I have 6 friends that were 360 fans that I personally converted to PS3 by forcing them to play Uncharted and Fall of man on Fridays even if they
did not want to play.

I complain at Blockbuster Video that they don't have enough Bluray movies and need to order more.

I take picture messages on my new Sony cell phone of anything I see game related and pic text my friends.

I get invited to parties and cool events but I flake if I have a new game.

I have only 1 friend that can beat me at Street Fighter 2

I'am not a casual gamer!
Thank you.

and don't tell me to get a life because I wont!