The Last of Us, the new trailer is all in-game footage

Word of Naughty Dog!

The new trailer released today about The Last of Us, was stunned by the extreme attention to detail and overall quality extremely high.

The first thing we thought was in editorial staff is that in computer graphics. For the avoidance of doubt, I personally contacted Eric Monacelli, community manager of Naughty Dog, saying on twitter that "the new cinematic trailer is very nice. I think is CG performed in-engine, the details are too high for real-time on the PS3. "

The answer is rather: "is all in-game footage!"

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RedDead2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

This again? It's a cutscene, therefore it is

"CG performed in-engine"

Which also means "in game" btw.

GamerSciz2072d ago

Exactly, ND does nothing but in-engine cinematics...this isn't really news.

CaptainSheep2072d ago

And that is why ND is awesome.

Dante1122072d ago

Man, ND are the best. Can't wait for The Last of US.

Chitown712912072d ago

@GamerSciz: Exactly dude......If you played Uncharted 2, there was minimal difference between the cutscene and gameplay.......if they come close to what I seen in that trailer, then the PS4 can indeed wait.............

2072d ago
Christopher2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

I completely agree on and know that these are all in-engine graphics. But...

***looking at uncharted games there is almost no difference at all between the gameplay gfx and the cutscene gfx ***

Yeah... no.

Did you not play Uncharted 3 and see the massive differences in models from gameplay to cutscene? And detail is improved in cut scenes on the characters and environment. It's not a massive amount, but it is noticeable.

Having said that, the in-engine cut scnes for The Last of Us have been beautiful looking. But, until I see gameplay, I'm going to believe that a lot of that is due to the fact that they're cut scenes and not that the game will have all of that detail, all of those hi-res textures, and all of that spectacular lighting. It'll have close to it, but I do believe the differences will be noticeable. Especially in the character models, like they were in Uncharted 3.

Afterlife2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Yes but was that scene real time? I think people will be more impressed if it was.

For Uncharted, it's in-engine but not real time. In other words it's a video file. When they do make it a video file, they can add extra details and polish.

Play Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 and you can see the obvious difference. I believe XIII is in-engline video file, XIII-2 went real time which made costume changes possible.

All I want to know can they add sunglasses instantly to that cut-scene we saw?

inveni02072d ago

Let's just clear this up:

Uncharted used cutscenes pre-rendered in-engine to both enhance the cinematic story-telling and ease loading times (keeping the action fluid).

The Last of Us is likely to do the same. These aren't "real-time", but they're CAPTURED in real-time and played back later. That means that gameplay should be pretty stinking close, because the only other overhead they have to add is physics and AI.

At the same time, however, you have to remember that these cut scenes are beauty shots. They put a lot of time and polish into them because, when playing the game, you're less focused on how much detail is in a leaf and more focused on how many bad guys are flanking you.

The end result is something like Uncharted 3, where you have the best console graphics and cinematic gameplay on consoles. The Last of Us is looking to follow suit.

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Machioto2072d ago

I think it may be actual gameplay,does anybody remember this?

Machioto2072d ago

Here's what uncharted 3 looks like for reference.

GraveLord2072d ago

It's not CGI.
It's all pre-rendered footage all done in-engine running on a PS3.

TruthSeeker2072d ago

Its art! Jaw droppingly beautiful!

Sony3602072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

"In-engine" cinematics are still often different from "in-game" visuals you'll find, even when "in-engine" they will use models with higher detail for cinematics.

Just because it's cinematics aren't pre rendered doesn't mean that it's going to be the same level of detail when you're actually playing the game. In fact that is rarely the case.

Nearly all games do this today. Cinematics use even more tricks to take advantage of hardware than when playing in game, and will almost always have more detail.

I WANT to believe this will be exactly how it looks in game, because it looks amazing. However, it is not "in-game" footage because none of this is player controlled.

I'm not saying the game doesn't look terrific, because it does. Just don't take cinematics as an accurate representation of in-game detail.

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HeartlesskizZ2072d ago

Nothing I doubt, now on to E3 for some gameplay =)

Ethereal2072d ago

Can't wait...Maybe Ill get to play it this year while I am there =)

Halochampian2072d ago

It's in-engine just like all ND games and many other games do like Halo.

Now of course cut scenes will look MUCH better because they can touch them up which makes a huge difference. I was still hoping to see gameplay but oh well.. E3 is right around the corner.

Does anyone have 1000 bucks to loan me for a plane flight to LA? I have the E3 ticket just need a little cash :p

humbleopinion2072d ago

There's still a difference: Halo in-engine is rendered in realtime. This is why for example you can change the looks of your spartan in Halo Reach and it will reflect on the cutscene.

In Uncharted games the cutscenes (or at least some of them) were created in the game engine but rendered offline and saved to a file, so what you get eventually in the game is a movie played from the Bluray drive and not realtime cutscenes.

Will the Last of Us be any different? I guess we'll see. Meanwhile the actual question about this was still unanswered by Eric Monacelli:!/gero...

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NastyLeftHook02072d ago


The Last of Us, the new trailer is all in-game footage

for all the haters...

you have been served.

2072d ago
Sony3602072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

By definition this is not in-game, because it's a cinematic.

Unless you're trying to say this was player controlled. Read my above post.

DigitalRaptor2072d ago

*Waits for the trolls to look for any excuse they can find to "prove" why we're wrong and they're right*

It's gonna be funny seeing them clamour for excuses.

NastyLeftHook02072d ago

it is going to be funny..but of course they will show. with there bs technical terms.

j-blaze2072d ago

won't believe them until i see a gameplay footage!
in-game or in-engine they are just playing with words that's all, i'm most certain the gameplay footage won't look as good as the recently released trailer... they will tell you anything to show off...

and seriously wth with these developers releasing CGIs and cutscenes when they first reveal their games instead of releasing a fully detailed trailer....i mean see Capcom for example, they have been working on RE6 for 2 years now, when they released the first trailer it contained cinematics, gameplay, characters etc...they did the same with Dragon's Dogma too, but ND is just doing a lazy job with this one

DigitalRaptor2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

"but ND is just doing a lazy job with this one"

Yet again. trying to downplay Naughty Dog in the most asinine way possible, as if anything you say can even touch what they have achieved artistically and technologically. If ND wanted to release a full trailer they would have. That is not their aim as has been made clear numerous times by the game's lead directors. The Last of Us isn't the next great action romp, nor is that what the developers want. They are treating the game and the distribution of any info relating to it with delicate care since it looks to be a genre defining title that (of course) surpasses RE6 in terms of the subtlety of its direction and one that transcends the medium we all know and love. RE6 will be just another great action game.

TLOU looks to be, without question, a more mature experience. Not in the traditional blood and gore sense that will be attributed to Resident Evil 6, but mature in the kind of audience appreciation it will garner. Someone like you wouldn't understand that of course.

You're only downplaying what will be an excellent game because:

#1 - You hate Naughty Dog because you think they're arrogant... okaaaaay.
#2 - You are a fanboy.
#3 - You have a dislike of western games.

It could be the best game ever, and you would still hate it. Not much more needs to be said.

Nimblest-Assassin2072d ago

This trailer was made as an intro to their e3 presentation, where we will see the same demo gameinformer saw.

Its designed as hype for e3, and its working. Dead excited to see what they have to show

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