Head2Head: Max Payne 3 Screenshot Comparison

This week Rockstar Games sends Max Payne back into action with Max Payne 3 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This is the first game in the series since 2003′s The Fall of Max Payne, so fans are certainly pumped for this one, but which console version LOOKS to be the version to own? Have a peek below.

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RudeSole Devil2198d ago

Nice, they both look really close but the PS3 version looks slightly sharper.

hennessey862198d ago

In some images the PS3 version is sharper, in others its the 360. No consistency.

MaxXAttaxX2196d ago

All TVs display contrasts, sharpness and colors slightly different. Making either version indistinguishable.

TheXgamerLive2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

hahaha, no the ps3 doesn't look sharper, the 360 does "BUT" there near enough to be basically identicle when being played.

However, max payne's downfall is a linear game not like the other Max p 1 & 2.

The MP is just an insert imo, just like ME3 did. If a game is known for it's story then "IMPROVE" the story, more to play larger game but throw in MP b/c your trying to get a few extra sales from the fps lovers. Weak.

Some games aren't made to have MP, like as in Splinter Cell. Now coop yes that's a great addition, it add's to the story if someone wants it but multiplayer isn't needed.

Hufandpuf2198d ago

almost exactly the same except the PS3 looks darker and sharper than 360

j-blaze2197d ago

"PS3 looks darker and sharper"

that's the 360 version actually not ps3, check again...

StayStatic2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Looks close , now I await the PC comparison to see the difference their as Rockstar have been bragging about it for a while now, for 35GB you would expect something to be better :D

Pre-Ordered it on Steam , so can't wait and hopefully no error 37's xD

WeskerChildReborned2198d ago

PS3 look's a bit lighter but look's sharper.

the_fox002198d ago

Looks very close, like L.A. Noire, not like Red Dead Redemption.

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