GameSpot's Lost Odyssey Hands-On: Hands-On From the Beginning

With elaborate visuals (and lots and lots of depth-of-field visual tricks), Lost Odyssey certainly looks like an Xbox 360 RPG, even if it plays like something a bit older. Nonetheless, the tried-and-true approach of Sakaguchi has proven to be a winning formula. One thing's for sure, you won't be at a loss for things to do in Lost Odyssey: The game will come on four discs when it lands on store shelves next month. That's means a ton of content for Kaim and his crew to battle their way through.

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TOM3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Seems you cant read a god damn thing any more.No warning what so ever about the spoilers. If you want this game and want to go in fresh then dont read this.Massive spoilers about the story you wouldnt want to know before hand.I myself am pissed that I've already learned what I have.

Sure wish I could add all news posted by tools that do this to my ignore list. TOOL

ThaGeNeCySt3959d ago

thanks for the warning

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