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The console adaptation of Game of Thrones is upheld by two virtues: a wonderfully winding storyline which complements Martin’s prose as well as the occasional euphoric sensation instigated by stepping into an interactive version of Westeros.

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sharpsword2225d ago

I know at least 2 people who are buying this, review score be damned.

AngelFuria2225d ago

I'm still 50/50 on this game but maybe I'll just end up getting it. Great review!!!!

Moby-Royale2224d ago

My plan is to purchase the game after a massive price drop.

Ideally, it will coincide with season three of the tv series.

madmad2225d ago

After 7 years in development, they give us THIS?

RaptorMan2225d ago

So how much is based on the series?

mediastudies2225d ago

It's closer to the book that the HBO show. Near the end of A Song of Fire and Ice.

triverse2222d ago

Why is this listed in "Android"? It is not an Android game, doesn't run on Android and Android is not even mentioned in the review.