Eidos hiring for possible new Deus EX game? "Rumours have emerged on the internet that a major Canadian company is hiring people for a new project which will feature a semi open-world action adventure world that responds to player choice and interaction." Superannuation, which posted the link on Twitter, believes the company to be Eidos and suggests the title possibly could be Deus Ex 4. The project according to the source is based on an existing IP which is a well renowned action-stealth title, with RPG elements and stealth within the gameplay." The planned upcoming title will utilise new platforms which will be available within coming few years to" provide an experience with unparralled realism, depth and consequence for player action and choice". While the project could be Thief 4, given that the game is already confirmed to be in development there is a huge probability that the new project from Eidos is the next Deus Ex game in the series"

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NovusTerminus2076d ago

So long as they don't have to go to a black screen before using a melee attack, it could be fun.

But I swear, DE:HR should have just been third person.

pixelsword2076d ago

Their lack of a cohesive melee system is probably why they kept it in 1st person. That, and players probably would have complained of the lack of constancy.

reznik_zerosum2076d ago

third person for deus ex is just wrong

NovusTerminus2076d ago

So is switching camera angles for every action done in a game.

Lord_Sloth2076d ago

Not enough of a difference between TPS and FPS on average. A dual analog shooter is a dual analog shooter. TPS works better for Stealth anyway. Why not just have the option for both though?

Seriously, this is like arguing about Turkeys and Chickens being totally different. They're both tasty as hell. The only difference is Chickens are slightly smarter and smaller.

The_Nameless_One2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

I don't think it should have been pure Third Person. I liked the 1st person/3rd person combo and I think it worked great. Gave Deus Ex a new spin while keeping up with it's roots.

Besides, if they went all out 3rd person then I think then entire Deus Ex community would have lynched them, literally. You do not want to piss off Hard Core Deus Ex fans. They make Diablo 2 purists look like bickering school girls.

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MrBeatdown2076d ago

Deus Ex 4 for next-gen consoles?

I asked for this!

WeskerChildReborned2076d ago

Not really surprising cause i heard they said they will be making 2 more Deus Ex's.

NastyLeftHook02076d ago

deus ex human revolution is one of the best games this gen. top 5.

SnakeCQC2076d ago

de hr was just awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.