Rumor: Duke Nukem 3D for Xbox Live

Last August, 3D Realms head George Broussard suggested that the studio would like to develop a version of its classic PC first-person shooter, Duke Nukem 3D, for Xbox Live, all but saying that the ball was in Microsoft's court, but unwilling to elaborate with details. On Monday, sources close to 3D Realms, which is separately working on the long-in-development next installment in the beloved franchise, Duke Nukem Forever, confirmed to IGN that Duke Nukem 3D is, in fact, scheduled to debut on Xbox Live within the next several months. And best of all, it'll feature a four-player online cooperative mode over Live. Insiders also allege that it will boast an eight-player online deathmatch mode.

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Daz3988d ago

Be nice if it happens

socomnick3988d ago

Duke is the king of video games backhand slaps every other video game character.

G_CodeMonkey3988d ago

I'll buy it just to play through it again.. gCM

akaFullMetal3988d ago

its cool that you guys are getting it, i just got it on my psp, its pretty fun

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The story is too old to be commented.