E3 2012 Anticipation: Nintendo Rundown & Predictions for Wii U

The Vortex Effect: Of course I mentioned it in part one, but I’m going to mention it again now that I’m actually focusing on Nintendo: They absolutely shot themselves in the foot when they revealed that they were not going to be announcing a release date or a price for Wii U at E3. Yes, the games are equally as important and everyone wants to see what’s going to be on the new Nintendo console (particularly as it relates to core games and multiplayer), but that isn’t why I was originally excited for Nintendo’s conference.

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tweet751980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

hoping to see metroid and kid icarus on wii U in action. I think it would be a mistake for nintendo to not pack in super mario mii with the system. I was very underwhelmed by that title just because it was almost no different from new super mario and the addition of miis dont add any excitement.

morkendo231979d ago

a NEW Contra,Metroid,Gradius6,R-type ,Einhander,Castlevania,G-darius would seal the deal for me.