PS4 appears on Sony engineer’s CV

Linkedin is just throwing it out today. The listing appears on Frederick Umminger’s profile, a software engineering manager at Sony Computer Entertainment America. It says that his work between 2010 and the present “Maintained voice chat library for PlayStation 4″.

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Akuma-2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

To see the sequence of characters "PS4" excites me. I can't wait to see and hear about the features and power of the ps4

GamingPerson2171d ago

I hope he wan't typing to fast and put 4 instead of 3.. ps4 win own..

F7U122171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

He updated it. lmao

"Maintained voice chat library for PlayStation 3 (Calm down, it was just a typo)"

It's too late you put it out there and now you're responsible if there is no PS4 next year so chop chop and get to work!

EeJLP-2171d ago

"Voice chat library" sounds horrible. They're recording and storing all of your chats over PSN?

bobshi2171d ago

@EeJLP-, no 'library' is referring to the code as a whole for the voice chat functions. They're not making a library of your chats.

redDevil872171d ago

I'd like to see you shun goku sastu a 360

Persistantthug2171d ago

Probably just a profile typo.
People do that all of the time.

ArronC072171d ago

You have no idea how the industry works. They probably started work on PS4 about 18 months after the PS3 was released.

GraveLord2171d ago

No, it's not a typo.

PS4 has been in development on for years now.

RememberThe3572171d ago

Stop acting like you guys know. It's all speculation. It could be a typo and it could not, either way he PS4 is coming out.

bobshi2171d ago

Err, what? 2010 is when he started working for Sony, not when he started working on individual items on his CV/PS4....

joab7772170d ago

I think we can all agree that we know its in production. It has to be unless it isnt coming out for many years or at all. Also, we know voice chat is going to happen so...

After reading the patent article, i wonder why microsoft didnt patent it or if they did....hmmm.

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portal_22171d ago

Interesting. I hope we hear something at e3, although I doubt we will other than "we have no plans on announcing future home consoles at this time". Which is probably fair dues as Sony can focus on Vita this year, PS3 attention is a given and also I hope we hear about some new services. Then PS4 next year I reckon.

Machioto2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

I'm pretty sure they'll have a conference for the ps4 similar to ps vita and give price at e3.

@mushroom Really? to me it looks like a ps3 angled and the edges smoothed.

mushroomwig2171d ago

I really like the PS4 design in the picture, it's my favourite out of all the concepts. Here's to the PS4 being announced at E3!

EeJLP-2171d ago

If that becomes the PS4, then it's likely to be Wii-like (relatively weak graphically). The size looks to be around 1/3rd of the volume of the current model, which would very likely mean highly underpowered.

Any concept you see smaller than the current model PS3, just hope it won't look like that, because again, it'll mean relatively weak.

gtxgamer22171d ago

Interesting, doubt it'll be shown at E3 this year. Maybe next E3

Nac2171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

So it beings(maybe?)!!!

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