Diablo III Shows us How Digital-Rights Management Damages Gaming

How most digital-rights management solutions ultimately hurt consumer experiences rather than copyright bandits.

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richierich2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

DRM has its positives and negatives but it stops piracy and that is better for the PC games industry. Less piracy = more great PC games. Having said that I think Blizzard should have set up more servers before launching Diablo 3 I was also one of the unlucky people who had trouble logging in to the game yesterday.

illegalyouth2251d ago

"Less piracy = more great PC games"

One does not necessarily logically follow the other, and, in fact, studies of the music industry show that number of released albums increased as online file-sharing increased.

(P.S. Yes, the games industry is not the music industry, but it's a point of reference.)

vortis2251d ago

Where does DRM prove to stop piracy? Last I checked outside of Steam it's easier to pirate than to get a game with DRM, especially with online passes and keycodes that expire.

Besides, where was it proven that DRM forced pirates to pay for games they planned to steal? It was the complete opposite in the case of Crysis 2 and that game was pirated almost as much as Crysis 1 sold on PC.

acronkyoung2251d ago

I also feel sorry for people that live out in the country and can only get dial-up still.

THR1LLHOUSE2251d ago

My thoughts on the always-online DRM thing are that I don't really think it's a big deal...I mean, who doesn't have internet but is really pumped about playing Diablo 3? I'm sure there are some, but not many.

BUT then this happens, and the game is totally busted apparently because of this always-onlien DRM stuff. So I'm changing sides. You're PC folks, this does seem pretty stupid.