OCZ preps neural headband controller for release

The folks at OCZ have been talking for a while about a device known as the Neural Impulse Actuator, which employs several sensors embedded in a headband to read certain electrical impulses from the wearer, theoretically acting as a PC input device.

Dr. Schuette showed OCZ his setup for Unreal Tournament 3, in which he used the headband to control the basic movement and action controls: forward, back, left, right, jump and shoot. The software offers extensive control over how these inputs are registered, complete with input delays of specified time intervals to prevent one from, say, inadvertently registering a whole slew of jump commands in rapid succession. Schuette had developed a custom control profile for UT3 that worked well for him, and he noted that such profiles can be saved as a file and transported to another PC or shared with other users. Using his profile, Schuette was able to play a passable game of UT3.

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VigorousApathy3989d ago

Things like this are the future of gaming.

Please no comments from people worried about someone hacking your brain.