Five Hated Trends In Video Game Journalism (And Why They Happen)

With many gamers increasingly annoyed by the current state of video game journalism, Mark Butler takes a look at some of the most common trends attacked by fans – and offers his own personal take on why they happen in the first place.

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lifesanrpg2131d ago

It's video games. This isn't exactly politics. Stop taking yourselves and the media so seriously.

If someone wants to write "5 reasons this game sucks" then let them. They are entitled to their opinion and want to share if. If you agree or are interested then read it.

No one forces you to click on anything.

Mad_Mack2131d ago

Hey I noticed how you are saying that we should live and let live, and let others express their opinions in the way they way want, but then you tell Mark to do the opposite.

Hypocrisy much?