Sega Franchises We'd Most Like To See On Mobiles

John Bedford (Modojo): We've started to see more than a trickle of games arrive from Sega's historical development studios, and the likes of Sonic The Hedgehog and Streets of Rage have led the fray. We've been thinking about some of our other favorite titles from the developer-publisher's heyday, and how much we'd like to see them on mobiles.

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DarkSniper2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

Shenmue and Yakuza are two games that Dark Sniper would love to enjoy on his Sony Ericsson right now. It's always great to see Shenmue still making the press in the year 2012.

But in all honesty, these two games simply need to be re-released in any shape, form or fashion. Especially Shenmue. In Dark Sniper's opinion, Shenmue is by far the greatest game ever made. Yu Suzuki's grand vision created a technique that is widely popular in games today (QTE) shows the impact that Shenmue left in our industry. Re-releasing Shenmue in any form of distribution gives Dark Sniper the chance to show Sega his support for Shenmue III by pulling out his wallet and giving Sega his money.

Yakuza is the spiritual successor to Shenmue. Toshihiro Nagoshi has done a masterful job bringing the classic Dreamcast experience exclusively to PlayStation®2 and PlayStation®3 consoles. While it isn't the replacement for Shenmue, Yakuza is a damn good game that Dark Sniper would recommend to gamers who like fighting, JRPG'S and a good story.

Hopefully someone at Sega is listening. If Sega is looking to make some easy cash, providing the fans with these classics would be a great way to do so.