Media Create hardware sales (5/7 – 5/13)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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LX-General-Kaos2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

The Nintendo 3DS entertainment system has done an outstanding job this week in Japan.

Going on to outsell all competing platforms in combined total unit sales.

For yet another week. The Nintendo brand shows its dominance, and flexes its muscle in the land of the rising sun. The Elite Nintendo gamers of Japan have voted the Nintendo product to the top of the list with their trusty wallets in hand.

The week of sales was slower than usual for all platforms, but Nintendo still managed to perform well. Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

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Dante1122227d ago

Wow, everything dropped by a lot and the PS2 actually outsold the 360 again this month. Nice to see the PS3, PsP and Vita holding the top spots but I hope next month is better for all the consoles though.

360GamerFG2227d ago Show
MmaFan-Qc2227d ago


Persona4:Golden coming in June in japan, prepare to be mad at the sales, because it will sell like hot cakes.

TekoIie2227d ago

Has something happened over there recently? A lot of the stuff has nearly halved in sales from last week and i really dont see that as something happening down to random chance...

TheLyonKing2227d ago

OKay no matter how much you love the Vita it really is tanking in Japan without Japan centred IP.

Its good that you cater to us westerners too but sony look after your people too.

BrutallyBlunt2227d ago

Vita and PSP sales remind me of the Playstation 3 and the Playstation 2. It sure seems like gamers are reluctant to support the new system early on.

plmkoh2227d ago

I buy consoles early since i'm not some cheap ass kid and actually enjoy all forms of gaming. But why should most people support a new system early when the predecessor is still releasing hit after hit almost 8 years since it's release.

Seems obvious to me that the sales of the PSP will directly translate to Vita sales once devs hit a brick-wall in development. But suffice to say that hasn't happened and most feel no reason to buy new hardware when the old still delivers.

BrutallyBlunt2227d ago

Vita had a pretty good line-up and everything about it trumps the PSP.

plmkoh2227d ago

Yes the Vita does trump the PSP in every single way and the launch titles are fantastic, I've bought 6 full retail games for the Vita.

But most people (in particular the Japanese) won't feel especially inclined to upgrade when they still have killer titles like 'Nayta no Kiseki' coming up. Or new comers will be easily enticed by the low $100 start price of a PSP system.

Ultimately it's inevitable that the Vita will be a run-away success, you'd be ignorant not to see this will be true in the near future, just in the past week or so the Vita has had huge announcements coming from Sony with their Soul Sacrifice and RPG makers: Gust and NIS.

And after hot system.

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Yangus2227d ago

Vita – 6,340 uhhhh....Sony blind??!!price cut and make many-many AAA games Sony!Catastrophic numbers new hardware and homeland....sad but true.

MasterCornholio2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Nope Sony isn't blind because they probably deem it to early for a price cut. My theory is this that Sony at E3 will show off several big Vita games for the holidays then when September comes along they will cut the price and include a 4GB stick with every Vita plus they will market the heck out of it. On top of that Vita owners will be treated to an ambassador like program and they will receive 20 PSP titles.

If Nintendo did it with the 3DS Sony can do something similar with the Vita.


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