The Lund Report: April 2012 NPD

Jordan Lund analyzes the April 2012 NPD, which was frustrating because only Microsoft released official numbers.

Excerpt: "In terms of sales numbers, the April 2012 NPD is one of the worst yet. Oh, not in terms of actual sales dollars, but rather in the information that is being reported to us.

We know that Microsoft hit the #1 spot for console hardware, selling 236,000 units and capturing 47% of the console market, the 14th month in a row that they have exceeded the 40% share mark. We know Sony didn’t out-sell last year on any platform.

And as far as hardware goes, that’s all we know. Nintendo has not yet released a statement.

So let’s do some math here: 47% is 236,000 units so 100% would be 502,128. Which means that the PS3 and Wii combined for around 266,128 machines. We know Sony said they didn’t out-sell last year, and the PS3 moved 204,300 machines in April of 2011 which means the absolute best they could have done is 204,299, which means the Wii is left with around 61,829."

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