FIFA 13 interview: 'I want everyone to play FIFA - not Call of Duty - all day long'

CVG: Exec producer David Rutter on turning footy fans into FIFA players...

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NYC_Gamer1920d ago

Every department of EA is just bitter towards Call of Duty...

ACBAA1920d ago

came in to say this.

they make themselves look really desperate

Army_of_Darkness1920d ago

People will play fifa over COD as long as you can Shoot down your opponents, with a head shot to the goalie before scoring a point;-)

listenkids1920d ago

Blizzard make Activision no money, you heard it here first.

oli1920d ago

I'll play FIFA all day when they fix the controls.

Nes_Daze1920d ago

I would sound bitter too if another company made less quality stuff them me yet they sold more...

dangert121920d ago

I don't play call of duty at all
want me to play fifa all day long? stop releasing a new game on disc yearly for full price and I will purchase a fifa game update It yearly without the need for a new disc and I will pay you a FAIR price for that too...shit even if i got what i want i would play it all day long...its not that good lol

Kurt Russell1920d ago

FIFA12 was a huge update to previous FIFAS, completely changed the way it played for the better. It looks similar because it stills looks like the sport it is meant to reproduce.

user54670071920d ago

Why they are both the same reskinned games that come out every year with very little changes.

FlashXIII1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Is that time of year already? When the EA employees come out of hibernation to pretend they care about their consumers? Keep talking Rutter, I'll take everything you say with a grain of salt. How about instead of talking up how to justify us spending more money on your pathetic company, you go explain why all your beloved fans have been ripped off with the abysmally overpriced Euro DLC.

-GametimeUK-1920d ago

Here in England it seems my friends are divided in to tow groups. There are those who love FIFA and there are those that love COD. I am with the COD fanboys on this one, but I don't play it all day long and it isn't the only game I play.

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The story is too old to be commented.