Latest cryptic Metal Gear Rising teaser image references MGS2's "Big Shell"

"The Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance teasers just keep coming. The latest “Encrypted File Image” appears to show a cross section of the spine of a Metal Gear Ray when you type “Big Shell” into MGR’s teaser site’s command bar."

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Batzi2255d ago

so much interests huh?

Mr_Kuwabara2255d ago

This game is killing the franchise. Goddamit this game doesn't deserve the Metal Gear name. This is not only killing Raiden as a character, but it is making the series as an action pack whore fest with no Substance.

As a loyal fan of the series, I have tolerated the Big Boss prequels on handhelds because they have given merit towards the franchise at whole, but this is just to ridiculous IMO.

Sainox162255d ago

I hope konami doesn't regret this move in the future..