The Backlog: Diablo

Default Prime's Charles Battersby writes: "On my game shelf I still have the original manuals from both Diablo games. Made back in the days when PC games came in big boxes with thick instruction books, they proudly proclaim that you can “Compete FREE over the internet”. The first Diablo appeared in 1996, when dial-up modems were astonishing technological marvels, and playing over that new-fangled internet was genuinely a new experience for many gamers. It defined its own genre of cooperative hack & slash gaming, and millions of players spent hundreds of hours clicking away at the Lord of Terror and his minions. I was one of them, and I devoted even more time to playing the sequel. While there was only a four-year wait between Diablo and Diablo II, it’s been over twelve years since Diablo II released and I haven’t played either game in over a decade. With the third installment in the series arriving soon, I reinstalled these old friends to see if other players are still online battling Diablo after sixteen years."

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