EU PSN Store Gets Steam-like “Pre-Order” Functionality

TSA: "Whilst technically there’s no risk in waiting to buy a digital game when it comes out, SCEE have added a feature to the PSN Store today that allows users to “pre-order” a download.

Sorcery is the first game to offer this functionality – you can pay for the game now, download it, and then next week it’ll just magically (pun intended) unlock, letting you play the game."

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hmm not sure if i should need to try a demo if there one coming?

sinncross2202d ago

I guess if Sony want to be serious about the digital space they ought to be making moves to at least have the features the competitors have.

Still, it would be great to seem them possibly having more titles on special every week.

LightofDarkness2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

Pre-ordering digital titles is pointless, they don't have to guarantee physical stock for launch. It's just a way of getting people to pay for a game long before they actually get anything to play with. There's no real incentive to do it, besides silly pre-order DLC. Sure you can pre-load, but most PSN games are small. I find it to be a useless feature on Steam that's bitten me once or twice, particularly with RAGE (pre-ordered, pre-loaded, found out game was awful 4 days before release, couldn't cancel in time).

Troll-without-Bridge2202d ago

It wont work unless they start practicing Steam prices. Who will pre-order a game digitally for 60 or 70 bucks?

HarryMasonHerpderp2202d ago

Thats what i used to think but people
have been buying games on PSN for £40-£50
its crazy.

stage882202d ago

For only digital games this seems great. Since the downloading has already happened there's no need to wait around on launch day.

KongRudi2202d ago

Great feature for us PS+ members with auto-download.
Makes the games ready to play, come release-day. :)