Namco Bandai At MCM Expo: Live Demos of Tales of Graces f, Ni no Kuni & More "Live demos of Tales of Graces f, Ni no Kuni, Dragon Ball Z Kinect and a Naruto Shippuden UNSG Tournament by Namco Bandai are scheduled for this month's upcoming London MCM Expo."

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Snookies122287d ago

Huh, why Tales of Graces f, if the game's out already? Guess to drum up more sales, which it really deserves... Such a great game...

Emilio_Estevez2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

It hasn't arrived in EU yet.

Snookies122287d ago

Ah! Okay, I was not aware of that, in any case EU is in for a treat with ToGf. Definitely took me by surprise with how great it was.

TheColbertinator2287d ago

True enough.Tales of Graces F is a great game