Toshiba Refuses To Wave The White Flag In HD DVD-Blu-Ray War

It's likely that Sony over time would be willing to pay Toshiba to drop HD DVD, so the industry could focus on the one format and end consumer jitters, one analyst suggests.

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Maddens Raiders3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

"In addition, Toshiba could also negotiate to get some revenue from future Blu-ray-related sales by getting some of its intellectual property into future versions of the technology, Greeson said."

lol - It's all a big money game. Reminds me of the Bilderbergs supporting both sides of major political wars.

Hagaf223984d ago

all toshiba is doing is throwing money away, they are losing money by cutting prices and wasting money on advertising for a dead cause, i guess this is there "last stand" (hope theyre a good shot with a pistol, cuz sonys using their juggernaut perk)

Bill Gates3984d ago

Toshiba's going out Samurai style.

Expy3984d ago

Let them waste money. They "could" be using that money to start building some Blu-Ray manufacturing infrastructure, but they're continuing to "support" a dead format. Another set of bad decisions by Toshiba.

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The story is too old to be commented.