PS Vita hardware sales less than a third of the PSP after 10 weeks

Pocket Gamer writes: PS Vita hardware sales are less than a third of where the PSP was at the same stage in its life cycle, official Gfk Chart-Track data has revealed.

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NYC_Gamer2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Sony really needs to announce some real good software for the PSV to get people excited........E3 will be the chance for that next month....

Akuma-2229d ago

I know don't will announce mass amounts of software for ps vita at e3. I also know they will announce strong ips like cod, gta , killzone and other big selling franchise

Yangus2229d ago

Interesting....strong ips like cod?PS fan 80% hate this game(CoD)...yet say Vita need CoD!!-??-Black Ops 2 port?

GTA V coming soon...another exklusive GTA Vita yet?I dont think so...

Killzone(Cool game)but big selling franchise??Sure?I dont think so..

Vita need exklusive!!:FF,DQ,RE,God of War,MGS,GT,MH,Jak and Daxter(ND!!)....Platinum Games new IP maybe?

Sony really needs to announce some!!real cool software for Vita!!!

cpayne932229d ago

@Yangus 80% ps fans hate cod? Cod sells A LOT on ps3, it sells A LOT period. If you think this site is representative of everyone who ones a ps3, you're sorely mistaken.

And man, the way you make comments is wierd.

NYC_Gamer2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )


Don't be foolish COD games on PS3 alone outsold the exclusives.....So please tell me how 80% of PS fans hate Call of Duty?Hope you're not using game sites like N4G to back that up when sales say otherwise...

mochachino2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

COD is probably PS3s top selling game each year.

Maybe 80% of N4G users hate COD but we're a very small portion of the game market.

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HellzAssassin2229d ago

I agree... I mean, i've had my Vita almost since release. Granted I've only got one game (WipEout, which I'm still playing), but I'm just waiting for some kickass release. I need to get Sigma Plus as well... Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and the new Resistance: Burning Skies looks damn good. But we need some more "original" titles like Soul Sacrifice! I'm psyched as hell for that game. I hadn't really been into the portable gaming world since I was a kid, and as "corny" as it sounds, I'd love to get together with some friends and play some Vita games. We've all got them, just we hadn't found any incredible mutual titles worth picking up just yet.

360GamerFG2229d ago ShowReplies(1)
Drithe2229d ago

Sony has GOT to open up all the PS1 games and all the PSP games to the Vita.

Batzi2229d ago

indeed. I have been waiting for PS1 games for so long now.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32229d ago

That wouldn't make me buy a Vita. I'm more likely to buy one when they bring out KZ, and it better have a full multiplayer suite.

Hicken2229d ago

Oh? What was the market like at that time? What was the economy like? What was the competition doing? What was the reaction of the gaming media and gaming community to the PSP?

All these things factor into the difference between the two systems.

And I don't want to hear "the price of the Vita is too much." People bought the PSP at that price; are those same people now saying the Vita isn't worth what the PSP was worth?

Jazz41082229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

I think its more or less the Sony name don't hold the weight it used to and a lot of people seen what Sony did with the psp go and I truly believe that turned a lot of people away from being a early adopter.

Bimkoblerutso2229d ago

"And I don't want to hear "the price of the Vita is too much." People bought the PSP at that price; are those same people now saying the Vita isn't worth what the PSP was worth?"

Those are the same people living with the current economy, the one that you yourself referenced in your comment.

Whether it's a good deal for what you get or not (and it is), it's irrelevant in an economy that is unwilling to indulge in a high premium for a non-essential good.

Titanz2229d ago

The economy does play a role in Vita's current success, then again; The Avenger movie made 1 billion dollars in 19 days, and Smartphones and Androids devices are selling, so...

Maybe consumers aren't feeling the Vita, like some traditional gamers do.

yewles12229d ago

"What was the market like at that time?"

Reading articles on how to hack your PSP.... hell, even guys like PSM U.S. were showing emulation and windows running on the portable. I bet those idiots regret it now as it led to the BIGGEST piracy scene ever, second only to PC.

When the even biggest and best games get torrented more than bought 7 to 1, then that's the REAL issue that needs to be addressed.

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Les-Grossman2229d ago

Or people just does not feel the need to upgrade so soon that has the original PSP ?

jujubee882229d ago

The PSP sales in Japan alone are likely overshadowing VITA's sales. There are current PSP games that are selling well and exclusive PSP games coming out in the near future that will contune to have the PSP selling well.

It is kinda crazy.

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