Tribes Ascend Review - The Digital Fix

Tribes Ascend is a free to play multiplayer FPS for PC, from the franchise of late nineties / early naughties fame. Tribes Ascend effortlessly captures the true heart and soul of the Tribes experience, recreating the tight vertical based gameplay and class based approach which brought in so much variety with its original PC outings. As with most multiplayer only experiences it is centred around two warring factions looking to wipe each other out in the usual video game approach, be that smearing your foes giblets across the map in deathmatch, cheekily nabbing your opponent’s war banner in capture the flag, or encouraged camping in the territory capture mode. I’m sure at this point those of you who are unfamiliar with Tribes are thinking to yourselves ‘So what, I’ve played a baker’s dozen of these multiplayer only experiences in the past year, why is this so special?’ Read on my good friends, read on

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