PSU's PAIN review.... 5.5/10

PAIN had a lot of potential but chose to not take advantage of it. Demo it first, because it may not be your type of game.

* + Great physics
* + Zany comments
* + Good downloadable content


* - Sluggish feel
* - Repetitive qualities
* - Awkward delay

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HowarthsNJ3906d ago

I think we played it for 6 hours the first time through.

It's challenging to rack up enough points/pain to unlock all the trophies and modes.

It's just mindless fun. Give your brain a rest and play it.

the worst3905d ago

this so called reviewer
needs 2 lets his son play it
my kids thinks
its 1 of the best games out

mighty_douche3905d ago

meh... the reviews have put a bit of a downer on it for me, but i said id pick it up and i still will.

Daz3905d ago

I think it more fun for kids the adults, what you think?

HowarthsNJ3905d ago

but, I wouldn't recommend it for kids because of the "Hot oral Sex" joke on the "Hotel Coral Essex" sign.

Also, if the kid is a bit sensitive, seeing the characters getting injured could be traumatic for them. It depends on the child.

I personally think the game is hilarious and challenging too if that's what you need.