Square Enix Remaking Games For PlayStation Network?

Remember about a week and a half ago, that EGM rumor stating that a Japanese publisher is remaking classics for the PLAYSTATION Network? Well, Square Enix just may be that publisher.

On Surfer Girl's (the girl with the inside scoop) blogger site, a commenter asked if she knew the company remaking classics for the PLAYSTATION Network. She simply replied "Square Enix".

Could we be seeing enhanced versions of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Tactics soon on the PLAYSTATION Network? Let's hope that leads into a Final Fantasy VII remake.

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Maddens Raiders3508d ago

totem pole that I have no regrets on my launch PS3 purchase. I know it seems to be a rumour, but the smoke is getting a little heavy from this Square/Enix fire.

In - credible.

Relcom3508d ago

Top games i want from them:

FF8 and FF7
Chrono Trigger
Dawn of Mana

I have FF7 on PS1 but my FF8 is scratched so i definatley want that one

Bill Gates3508d ago


My favorite in the FF series is FF8. I really enjoyed playing that game on my PS1.

Relcom3508d ago

I actually like FF8 so much, there were so many sercret things you could find. And the card game in it was damn fun(and frustrating). Also getting to fight with your GF was awesome.

Good times, good times

n_n3508d ago

FF7 - FF9 would be awesome. 1st day purchase for me for sure!

Marceles3508d ago

You mean Legend of Mana? Dawn was on PS2.

Seriously...Square Enix could single handedly boost Playstation sells on their own with all the classic games they've brought out. Squaresoft was incredible

TheTwelve3508d ago

Dang...for the first time, I hope Surfer Girl is right.


MrWonderful3508d ago

if this is true ill be buying that 16gb memory stick for sure

KidMakeshift3508d ago

No love for FF6, what

That is by far my favorite

Kain813508d ago

you forget
Front Mission
Musashi the brave fencer
Rudora no Hiou (Rudras tresure)
Trade of Fate
Romancing SaGa
Chrono Trigger
Chrono Cross ( and i hope for Chrono Breake)
and so on...

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Bonsai12143508d ago

FF6 in full 3d. running on white engine. in 1080p. with japanese voice actors.

i can dream, i can't i? haha. imagine how freaky keifa would be in the above scenario..

Lucreto3508d ago

I want Final Fantasy 8. Mine freezes on the opening movie so I haven't played it in so long.

MaximusPrime3508d ago

i've been watching some of the videos from FF8 on Divx site. Brings back memories. i would love to play the game again, whether remake or rerelease.

Lucreto3508d ago

FF8 is one of my favourites. I wasted many hours doing the card games. I managed to get all the cards have 70 hours. I have planned to record the movie parts before the disk got damaged.

FF9>FF10>FF8>FF12> ;FF6>FF7

Marceles3508d ago

Lol yeah, i hate losing on the card game...i got my ifrit card taken away so many times. I have all the FFs on my PSP up to 9.

f7ss13507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

screw a psn remake, i want a full blown 1080p blu ray disc overhaul of 7

meatnormous3507d ago

I would like a remake of 8, cause it was my favorite. I have everyone of the ff series. I even own a DS just for FF 3. Square and Sony would make alot of money if they did this.

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TooL 3163508d ago

This would be pretty sweet if its true that is. i would love to see a ff6 remake the best ff game out there, and maybe a remake of secret of mana, doesn't even have to be 3d just hd.