THQ E3 2012 Company Spotlight

GamerNode takes an advanced look at what THQ will bring to the table at this year's E3.

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italianbreadman2133d ago

Darksiders II, at least, promises to be awesome.

amlabella2133d ago

I'm actually quite excited about Company of Heroes 2, I really enjoyed the first game (and this is coming from a guy who isn't a big fan of strategy games).

italianbreadman2132d ago

I agree with you. Company of Heroes is really it's own thing within the RTS genre, and it's a very GOOD thing in that genre.

Murpho2132d ago

Darksiders II and Metro: Last Light have looked impressive. I really hope they continue to be at E3 and release for THQ. Otherwise, the studio may sadly be in a lot more financial trouble.