New The Last of Us Trailer Shows That Graphically, PS3 is Still The One to Beat

Sony has recently released a new trailer for The Last of Us, and here's why it is so amazing.

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr31926d ago

It still looks like a game to me. If you're going for photo realism then you'll need new hardware. These consoles are showing their age and what I've seen from this game looks average. Just my opinion though...

IronFist1926d ago

Are you serious? This is one of the best looking games I've ever seen on console, and even gives some PC games a run for their money.

MasFlowKiller1926d ago

Damn I really cant wait for E3,
dying to see gameplay

piroh1925d ago

well, good looking games aren't made by hardware. good looking games are made by good developers

that's why PS3 shines all over competition

according to VGA, IGN and other respected sources:
best looking game of 2008 - MGS4
best looking game of 2009 - U2
best looking game of 2010 - GOW3
best looking game of 2011 - U3

danieldeath1925d ago

LOL this game ,if build for the PC can run 10 times better.Its just that PC doesn't have a love from devs.
The graphics are good though ,not great.

ZeroX98761925d ago

If build for the PC, the hardware needed to run it to the maximum would probably cost more than double what the price of the ps3 is.

Graphic benchmark games are always overhyped and are forgotten pretty fast. I'm Still playing super smash brawl, starcraft 2,minecraft, etc. but I don't regularly play Crysis (1 or 2). Sometimes Gameplay is gimped because of graphics. I'm a PC, 360, PS3,Wii, 3ds Vita, psp,DS, etc. Owner, so Graphic is the least of my worries, bring me some good gameplay instead.

Trenta271925d ago

It's a CGI cutscene. You haven't seen gameplay yet. For all we know, the graphics of the actual game might suck (Doubt that, but still. I'm proving a point) Also, it doesn't give PC games a run for its money.

StanSmith1925d ago

The graphics are average? Good?

Did you see the same trailer that i just watched? They look amazing!

As for photorealism and this still looking like a game, show me a PC game that doesn't look like a game. There isn't one. Even Battlefield 3 and Crysis still look like games. You're making out that PC's are generations in front of consoles when they aren't.

Graphically, yes they are better but they still look like games. I swear PC elitists forget that graphics don't mean crap if your physics and animations are poor (two things Naughty Dog get right everytime as well as having the best graphics on consoles).

TekoIie1925d ago


"According to VGA, IGN and other respected sources"

HA, respected?? Your kidding right? None of those are respected at all.

We all know for a fact that U3 wasnt the best looking game of 2011, its worthy of a nomination but it has nothing on BF3 for PC...

BlmThug1925d ago

Show me actual gameplay and not a trailer, nearly all trailers are on the level of the top PC games, doesnt mean they look like that in game though

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F7U121925d ago

Wow...I feel really bad for xbox gamers, they got f'ed over royally this gen. There wasn't one game in MS library that ever convinced me to get an xbox. sweet jesus, can you imagine what PS4 games are going to be like.

Denethor_II1925d ago Show
SilentNegotiator1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Oh here we go.

Someone talks about how good a console game looks and how it "takes the crown" (or whatever), and a couple of insecure PC gamers have a fit because the obvious fact that we're talking about consoles flies over their heads.

Oh and a bunch of 360 gamers suddenly become PC gamers when it's a ps3 game.

I'm pretty new to PC gaming myself, but I have a decent rig, and yes, games look spectacular. But the difference is that I have the common sense NOT to think that articles are implying that a console game looks better than games on your 580GTX.

So stop it before I take away your pacifiers.

joab7771925d ago

how can we say that a cutscene represents great graphics? Because i am pretty sure that just like uncharted, there wont b any loading, it will phase directly into gameplay that will be slightly better than U3. That makes it great for consoles. It will probably be the best looking title of this gen on consoles.

That being said, pc obviously trumps it. But, most developers could learn from naughty dog...alot. I am a little sad that they dumped the cell processor. It was obviously the memory that limited the ps3, not the card architexture. But, it all comes down to gameply amd ill b interested to see how different it is from uncharted. But, damn so far so good.

Peppino71925d ago

In-game graphics are beginning to close in of cutscene prerendered. This is one of those games that's blurring the lines between the two. The only other game I can think of right now is Tomb Raider reboot. Both look stunning and make you want to get your hands on the game right now!

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SilentNegotiator1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

"Kind of like how PS3 gamers all of the sudden LOVE the PC when discussing Xbox 360 games like Witcher, Minecraft, or Alan Wake's American Nightmare"

Ummm, nope. Not at all like that.

PC/360 games are multiplatform. You don't have to even LIKE pc gaming to see that. Sorry, nice try though. I saw trolls coming from a mile away to try that one.

And by the way, you're talking to a gamer that really IS a pc/ps3 gamer, so don't even bother. Just keep it to yourself, since that's all you're fooling by saying that pc/360 games are "exclusive".

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Ducky1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

"Oh and a bunch of 360 gamers suddenly become PC gamers when it's a ps3 game."

The PC is just a platform that everyone tags along with when it's in their favour.
The hypocrisy itself is on both sides.

Same goes for gaming journalism and game awards.
They're considered a joke when they disagree with our own opinion, but they're proudly flaunted when they go in one's favour.

As for 'exclusive' games; a game can be both exclusive and multiplatform at the same time.
Exclusive means that one or more platforms are being excluded.
Multiplatform means that two or more platforms can play the game.
Ofcourse, using the literal definition of those words is a bit silly, so the definition of both those words also change whenever they're in one's favour.

AngryTypingGuy1925d ago

Naughty Dog and Santa Monica are the graphics kings so far this gen, in my opinion.

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Akuma-1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Naughty dog games look the same in gameplay as In cutscenes so the trailer's graphics are representative of the gameplays graphics. I can't wait to see more about this game at e3

NewZealander1925d ago

ill hold judgment too, im sure it will look great, but we have seen this from naughty dog before, trailers that look quite different to the final build...

kma2k1925d ago

agree with you there on there cutscenes quite a few times in Uncharted 3 the cutscene was over & i was still watching waiting to see what would happen next because i hadnt realised the cut scene was over!

Darth Stewie1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

What are you talking about this game looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see gameplay at E3.

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LaChance1925d ago

"New The Last of Us Trailer Shows That Graphically, PS3 is Still The One to Beat"

PC says hi.

And dont tell me "bu bu consoles". Last time I checked PS3 gamers count the PC when they talk about 360 exclusives.

Shadow Flare1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

So you admit 360 has never been competitive graphically

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Eyeco1925d ago

Simply throwing the pc in , is a cheap and ignorant way to detract from a games undeniable beauty oh and the above post is right.

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F7U121925d ago

uhhh yeah they just talking consoles.

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Anon19741925d ago

What the PC elitists always gloss over is that the odd, maxed out gaming PC screenshot that looks better than some console games aren't indicative of what the average PC gamer sees. PC hardware various wildly to the point where games either look drastically different than high end specs or won't run at all.

With the consoles you know every PS3 owner is going to have the exact same experience from their games. The game isn't going to look and run like hell on one PS3 compared to another PS3, which is the norm for PC gaming. The PC gaming experience can fluctuate wildly depending on many factors ranging from hardware, drivers, what OS you're using, running applications, etc...etc. The "every game is better on a PC," attitude isn't based in reality. The reality is majority of PC's out in the wild can't even run today's games.

Omnislash1925d ago

Nobody is talking about PC here GTFO!

PS3/PC is the best combo of gaming but still that does not mean PC is the best out there. Why would I want to build a 600 dollar PC every 2 years so I have to jump through hoops to play D3?

pr0digyZA1925d ago

lol say what?
"every PS3 owner is going to have the exact same experience from their games"-say that to the people with smaller tv's or standard definition televisions as there are a lot more of them out there than you think.

"run like hell on one PS3 compared to another PS3, which is the norm for PC gaming" Where is some proof for that sounds like you are just spouting out stuff. I would assume i if someone cant run a game on max then they would put it on medium or go for the console version.

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MariaHelFutura1925d ago


I'm not entirely sure that what you said even makes sense.

"Check yo self, before you wreck yo self"

Neutro1925d ago

Hey guess what I will see when I play this game on release day? Obviously the beautiful game that it will turn out to be. What will you see when you play a game on your PC? Uhh, your not playing yet because your too busy setting it up for it to actually look good enough to play LOL! Point is? You need to go adjust this and that just for your game to look "superior" while I can just insert in the disc and play and it'll already look beautiful without having to adjust anything.

clearelite1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

LaChance, why so mad br0?

Why would people be mad that PS3 has another amazing exclusive?

Perhaps they are brainwahsed fanbois?

...and why all the PC nubs talking about graphics as if they are more important than gameplay(don't worry i have a pc. I'm on it right now)?

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Hicken1925d ago Show
Bathyj1925d ago

You're entitled to your wrong opinion.

BlaqMagiq241925d ago

Ughh one of the most horrible troll comments ive seen in my life.