Lost Planet spin-off coming to PS3, 3DS.

Capcom is working on a new title for PlayStation 3 and 3DS set in the Lost Planet universe.

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user54670072228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Wow...are they really that confident that the third Lost Planet will sell.

I mean LP is alright but not really a game franchise to branch off into spin's no RE for Capcom.

They wonder why they loose money aswell.

MrMister2228d ago

Lost Planet 2 wasnt the best game--but if you played it in couch co-op with a girlfriend or friend, than it's a LOT of fun! I loved it, yet the MP was horrible so the fun didnt last after it was done. So we sold it. But for couch co-op fans, Lost Planet is a no-brainer!

DeadlyFire2228d ago

They do know that they havn't released Lost Planet 3 yet right.

Ex Troopers... I don't get it. I know they want money, but stabbing consistently for more titles than what is being sold at the time is not a way to make it. THQ tried this with WWE series and it backfired on them badly. Yet they still think its okay idea...Capcom must be doing the same thing. If stock plummets on Capcom. Its more than likely someone will try to buy it. It has alot more value than THQ I believe.

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