Trials Evolution sales reach 500,000 in three weeks

Eurogamer writes: Outstanding Xbox Live Arcade game Trials Evolution has motored to 500,000 sales in three weeks, publisher Ubisoft has revealed.

The game temporarily held the one-day XBLA sales record - and would continue to be a record breaker now it it weren't for the colossal arrival of Minecraft on Xbox 360.

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Yi-Long1984d ago

Brilliant game, endless replay-value due to an active community providing free levels, and thus great value for money!

Darth Stewie1984d ago

Great numbers for a great game.

Captain Qwark 91984d ago

game sucks.....

jk jk, i liked the demo a lot but minecraft has me hooked

TheDareDevil1984d ago

I'm hopelessly addicted to this game.

Everyone should play Silhouette Redux and I mean EVERYONE. The map is f-in BRILLIANT!

TheModernKamikaze1984d ago

LBP is to PS3,
Happy Wheels is to PC,
a Trials Evolution is to Xbox 360. :)

P_Bomb1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I wouldn't go that far, Joe Danger on 360 has customisation too, but Trials is addicting as hell. Thoroughly enjoyed it.