Diablo 3 Review at CalmDownTom

CalmDownTom says, "Diablo 3 is the newest release from one of the most successful and profitable games developers of all time, and the amount of money they have spent on the presentation is obvious from the very start. An amazing animated sequence sets the scene for the adventure to come. Even at this early stage though there seem to be issues with the game. The animated sequence seems to depict events that never occur once you begin playing."

Note this is a humorous article on the issues of Diablo 3 as much as a review.

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Feldman90001981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

How did this get approved? It's obvious trolling.

o I read the joke part.

HebrewHammer1981d ago


Great read though! The game's a blast - when it isn't defective, that is.

SleazyChimp1981d ago

I don't see how this is trolling? Making fun of a games downfalls is not trolling. The always online feature in this game is a bunch of BS and I hope it burns Blizzard badly. That away the next epic franchise that wants to incorporate always online will think twice. I love the Diablo series, and fought hard to not pick the 3rd one up. But as I see from all the problems I made the right choice. If everybody that bought that game were to return it, Blizzard and Activision would be shittin their pants right now. And in 3 mos. we would see a re-release of DIII without the damn DMR.

Hufandpuf1981d ago

It won't hurt Blizzard at all. The game sold millions of copies. Gamestop can't return games to the owners, they have to sell them all over again somehow.

Solid_Snake371980d ago

I heard digital copies pre-ordered in Asia, didnt even get their keys...

slaton241981d ago

well if you have a lot of people loggin in at one time i would expect some form of issues. If you give it time it will kick off